If you’re getting dragged out into the gold to go carolling this Christmas, Payday 2 have version of The Twelve Days of Christmas which you can take with you to ensure that you’re never invited carolling ever again. Overkill have released a brand new festive Payday 2 video where our masked maniacs sing a well known Christmas ditty with their own unique and sweary twist, which is actually pretty funny.

Christmas is a time to load up on festive treats, stuff your face with mince pies, and swear like a trooper when carrying the prickly as hell Christmas tree into the house trying your hardest not to drop needles all over the floor. It’s also a time when everyone attends Christmas parties and forgets that there are those of us who want to hear about video games, but hey ho, there are festivities to be had!

The trailer which you can see above inject some much needed swearing into Twelve Days of Christmas, with the first being that Payday gave them a broke dick piece of shit drill. If you thought that was bad, it gets a hell of a lot worse. Be warned.

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