Remember Me

Dontnod, the French developers behind the absolutely stunning Remember Me, may be working on something more than their episodic title, Life Is Strange, at least according to some job listings by the company which has let a few details slip about a new unannounced project.

Dontnod is currently hiring and it’s one of these job listings which has caught the attention of some, including Gamespot. According to the studios job vacancies page they’re on the look out for a designer with experience with RPG’s and ARPGs. Little other details have been released and nothing could actually manifest from this listing, as developers work on various concepts before finally settling on something concrete.

The developer recently unveiled their latest game, Life Is Strange, to be published episodically by Square Enix, which has been revealed as a narratively driven adventure game, so it’s unlikely that the job listing would be to do with this particular title unless the developers are planning to dramatically change the game.

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