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You heard correct, from Saints Row III, Professor Genki’s car is up for auction on eBay and is currently going at a bid for 8,000 USD with five more days still to go.

From the auction page, the vehicle is described as;

“Introducing the Genki Mobile – a full blown, fully customized replica of the infamous Genki Mobile from the worldwide video game hit, Saints Row The Third.” Meticulously restored inside and out and used only a handful of times as a promotional vehicle by the video games publisher THQ, Inc., this classic truck sports completely restored tufted faux-leather interior with an original dashboard with added retro gauges – complete with easy to use touch controls for an awesome pneumatic T-shirt cannon built into the back of the truck. The cannon raises and lowers with the touch of a button, and has safety measures so that you cannot accidently use/fire the cannon while the truck is operational. Fully street legal [currently registered non operational] and with tags. there is no mistaking this truck for anything but the embodiment of pure awesome.”

I’ll be perfectly honest, if I saw that driving down my street I’d probably scream and cry, because anyone who’s played Saints Row and Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax, well, you know that things aren’t as ethical as he likes to claim. Someone call the Saints!

So why’s the car on auction? Simple, Deep Silver have put it up for auction so that the proceeds can all go to the charity Wings for Life. It is a charity focusing on looking into care and new medicine to help treat those with Spinal Cord injuries, from research and clincal studies to communication and educating people more about issues around the Spinal Cord.

You can take a look at the listing here and read up the full specs on the custom Ford pickup.

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