2014 has been a huge year for the music industry with music streaming being at an all time high, the UK Official Charts taking streaming into consideration when announcing the UK’s Number 1, and Taylor Swift breaking up with Spotify. But which artists benefited the most from music streaming? Which artists were globally the most streamed artists? Thankfully Spotify have the answer with their new Year in Music 2014 page!

Spotify have this year revealed that the most popular male artist on Spotify in 2014 is Ed Sheeran, which comes as no surprise. Sheeran also takes the most streamed album award too with his album ‘x.’ As for other male artists, in the Spotify Top 5 we also have Eminem, Calvin Harris, Avicii and David Guetta. As for the most popular female artist, Katy Perry was on top followed by Ariana Grande, Lana Del Ray, Beyonce, and Lorde. Unsurprisingly Taylor Swift is nowhere to be seen as she dumped Spotify earlier this year.

In regards to Swift’s omission from the Top 5, The Verge reached out to Spotify to see whether this was a result of her dumping the service, to which a representative replied: “The top lists are an accurate reflection of what was listened to this year, there was absolutely no meddling or removing of her from the list,” they said. “Taylor simply didn’t make it into the top five.”

Perhaps that’s why her and Spotify broke up.

Elsewhere in Spotify’s round up of the year, Pharell William’s ‘Happy’ is the most streamed song of 2014, which again comes as no surprise, I’m sure we all know the lyrics to this off by heart by now.. For a detailed look as to what else made Spotify’s top lists head to their Year in Music 2014 page, where you can see all the results as well as checking out what your year in music was like.

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