If you thought you’d be limited to playing Turtle Rock’s asymmetrical 4 v 1 shooter, Evolve, online with friends, you’ll be pleased to know that the developers have confirmed that the game can be played offline too! If you’re unsure how, they’ve also released a handy how-to video!

This news is great for those with unreliable Internet oconnection as well as those who ave hectic scheduled who don’t have time for extended online play.

Solo play has always been on the table with Turtle Rock co-founder Chris Ashton saying that it was “always part of the plan,” he also elaborated a little more saying, “We wanted to make sure anyone could play the whole game, including Evacuation, alone with or against the AI and it’s still fun.”

Unlike with Left 4 Dead, Evolve’s single-player mode will allow you to switch between the different Hunters on your team at will. If you’re using a controller to play the game, the D-pad will be your quick-select button, using one of the four directions to instantly switch between each character on the fly.

This use of switching characters was explained in the following scenario:

“Go on and set the traps, then switch over to Assault to press the attack. Then jump into Hank’s shoes and shield the medic. Beyond that, no more waiting for someone to come save you from the jaws of a MegaMouth (or some carnivorous plant you accidentally walked into). And no more sitting by, spectating, while waiting on the drop ship. It’s all you.”

Finally Turtle Rock confirmed that the solo mode would be available at launch, and the game itself has been designed around that from the beginning so you really won’t be getting a half-assed single player mode.

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John Griffin
John Griffin

Almost as good as Sony’s how to share games on the PS4