Do you remember when trailers didn’t have trailers? Way before Marvels little project with the New Avengers movie? I do. I also miss when it was a surprise when a trailer came out. When a trailer did come out, it didn’t mean much because usually the studio kept its card so close to its chest, they might as well have given you a montage with no sound.

The latest shorter-than-usual Age of Ultron trailer basically does this. It shows a couple of previously shown scenes from a different angle, as well as showing you a bit more footage of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch clashing with an Avenger, it also shows another mystery shot of Andy Serkis who could be playing a Black Panther villain.

What was a little different was seeing Hawkeye evacuating civilians onto a strange transport, a hint that we may get a glimpse of Black Widow’s origins and explains the strange hospital and ballet scenes. The strangest scene of all comes about 33 seconds in of someone uncloaking in a cave. Which I’m sure theories will start coming out about soon.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron comes out on the 1st May 2015, be there, or have no strings.

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