So, you’ve seen me chat about Japanese Spider-man in his many forms over time. Now today I shall talk to you about Mexican Spider-man.

Not the half Mexican and half Irish Miguel O’Hara of  2099. No, the recent product of the Spider-Verse and a marketing technique.

This week we saw Spider-Verse Issue 2 come out. Like the issue 1 this was a collection of stories focusing on the different characters the Spider-Verse who are involved in the ongoing saga, will be involved or someone just wanted to write a fun short story.

So when I bought the issue off Comixology the little promotional blurb described the contents, it proudly mentions it containing a tale about “Mexico’s own arachnid tale in Spanish!”

I was first thinking. OK, it’s good that Marvel are trying to appeal to a whole raft of different readers from different backgrounds. Maybe the art compensates for the language barrier and can be easily followed, just knowing Spanish was  a special bonus.

I was wrong about this. Speaking Spanish was definitely required to get to grips with what was going on in the story. Though this didn’t matter because after the Spanish story, an English translation was offered.

If you had bought the print issue, you could get the English version for free digitally. A good marketing technique? OK, it does encourage people to use the digital function, but it’s unlucky if a print reader doesn’t possess a device capable of downloading or viewing it.

So the actual brief history. It’s pretty straightforward to be fair. Spider-man’s dad (names are not mentioned in the English version) is a Pro-Mexican wrestler with a spider theme. Whilst he’s being taken down by a bigger stronger wrestler.

His pal Escorpión won’t help him, since he’s taken a bribe. Badly injured, the young glasses wearing son vows to take revenge. So he becomes Spider-man.

It’s also explained where his powers come from; his costume is inspired by his dad’s and he demonstrates acrobatic ability and webbing abilities. In his first outing his beats up some criminals and saves a famous actress using some wrestling moves.

All pretty webbed together don’t you think?

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