Sit yourself down and I will take you back to the beginning of the story of Naruto. The little ninja that could.

Born to Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, it looked Naruto was destined for great things. Minato was the Fourth Hokage. The Hokage, was the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village, a clan of ninjas which were based in the Land of Fire.

Minato was the fourth person to inherit the title. He was a great ninja who had powers over time and space.

Kushina Uzumaki was the host for the Nine-Tailed Fox, one of the nine demon animals people can be possessed by. The demon had been sealed inside of her, but giving birth of Naruto had weakened the seal.

A masked ninja  called Tobi (he was really Obito, a ninja who had been turned to the dark side due to the events of a war) attacked the village, his goal was to release the Nine Tail Fox.

The demon was released and it attacked the Hidden Leaf Village. To seal the demon away for good, Minato and Kushina sealed him away in Naruto using some of their Chakra (like Ki, essentially their energy)

Naruto was then alone. He became an outsider as many didn’t want to be associated with someone with a demon sealed within him.

Many classed him as talentless, possessing no real ninja skill. After finally passing his final ninja exam, he was assigned on a team with Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and their leader, Kakashi Hatake, a mysterious ninja who was always late.

As a team, the trio grew and improved together. However, Sasuke was lusting over more power to defeat his brother Itachi, who had slaughtered his entire clan and had secretly done it to prevent conflict between the Hidden Leaf and the Clan.

Naruto and Sasuke had one fateful battle and afterwards Sasuke left to be trained by Orochimaru, a rogue ninja with a snake theme. Naruto left  to be trained by Jiraiya, a masterful Sage.

Naruto spent his time trying to bring Sasuke back to the village along the way he gained the respect of many others and hone his ninja skills and made friends with the Nine Tails.

After ultimately defeating the rogue ninja Obito, who had killed his parents, he had another battle with Sasuke in which they both lost a hand.

Later on, Naruto fulfilled his dream of being Hokage.

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Caridad Chang
Caridad Chang

this thing has a terrible mistake before it is even halfway there…


You have alot of the facts wrong. You jumped around too much and you worded things wrong. I however applause your effort.

Josh Francis
Josh Francis

Kenshi: Well, not really as far as I can see. I did my research thoroughly by watching reading and checking facts. The reason I jump around is because it’s a brief summary of events. My wording attempts to be conversational so it’s not ‘wrong’ It’s different to how you would do it.

Caridad: Your post has a mistake at the start. So where is my terrible mistake?