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The latest in handheld tech, the 3Doodler puts 3D Printing technology in the palm of your hand, literally.

At 2PM today, a Kickstarter campaign went live with a backing goal of $30,000. The product is the 3Doodler 2.0, a handheld 3D Printing device, which means that you can draw anything, anywhere, in any direction. At the time of writing this, just over 5 hours later, the project has currently reached $165,938, that’s around a 550% increase on the original goal! and with 19 days left to go they must be laughing.

The project is a successor to the 3Doodler, a device launched in 2013 on Kickstarter which saw out its campaign with $2,344,134, a huge increase on the $30,000 they were looking for.

Created by WoobleWorks LLC, the 3Doodler uses very similar methods to a tabletop 3D printer. Strands of  PLA and ABS plastics are fed into the unit where they are heated up and pushed out of a tight nozzle, as the plastic hits the air it cools almost insantly making a solid and pretty tough structure. But the difference here is that instead of needing a powerful PC with software and a confined, set-dimensioned space to ‘Print’, the 3Doodler requires nothing but a mains powerpoint and your imagination.

3doodler right side

The Plastic is fed into the back of the device and pushed out like a pen, allowing you to physically draw in the air, any direction, any scale, anything!

The 3Doodler 2.0 is 75% smaller than the original – now the size of a marker pen; 1/2 the weight – coming in at 50 Grams; and stronger, now housed in an anodized alluminium casing. As for the use of the 3Doodler, its super quiet, and has an adjustable heat and speed setting, allowing you to draw at your own pace.

The project has multiple backing levels, all of which come with a 3Doodler 2.0. The higher up the package list you go, the more accessories you get, ranging from more packs of rods, to a portable power source called the JetPack, which provides 2 hours of 3Doodling wherever you are.

In all, this thing looks incredible! I will probably end up backing this thing and making some sweet 3D creations, I’ve already got a few ideas brewing…

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