During CES this week, many publications noticed a brand new, unrecognised LG smartwatch being worn by a representative from Audi. We’ve known prior to this event that LG had teamed up with Audi to create a smartwatch to control Audi’s range of new driverless cars, but what we didn’t know was what exactly it looked like.

According to Android Central who managed to get a closer look at the mysterious wearable, unlike the LG G Watch and the LG G Watch R, the new smartwatch doesn’t run Android Wear, it’s actually running LG’s Open webOS, an OS similar to Android, that started life in 2009 and was since picked up by LG and used in a number of its smart TVs.

The watch, though powered by webOS, has an interface similar to that found oni LG’s smartphones. It currently goes by the model number LG-W120L. The watch also includes a “sound” setting, which hints at a built-in speaker and perhaps even a microphone, which suggests the smartwatch could be used as a standalone mobile device.

The prototype Android Central saw featured a stainless steel design with a sapphire crystal face for added durability, and leather strap. It also included an Audi app that allows the wearer to control various elements of the connected vehicle as well as allowing the user to unlock the car doors via NFC.

It’s also been rumoured that has it that LG is preparing a consumer webOS smartwatch for next year. Though I’d hate to think LG are going to ditch Android Wear completely..

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