Along with the NVIDIA Tegra X1, NVIDIA had something else to announce this weekend, two brand new processors which hope to not only make driving a much safer experience, but an effortless experience. The NVIDIA Drive PX and Drive CX are both aimed at making car safety a high priority but also make your vehicle more autonomous.

According to NVIDIA, both processors, powered by the recently unveiled Tegra X1 chip, will both strengthen in-car computer vision and deep learning for advanced self-piloted driving as well as enhance digital cockpit systems. Not only will your car soon be able to drive itself, the in-car entertainment will also look great while doing so.

“With vast arrays of cameras and displays, cars of the future will see and increasingly understand their surroundings,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO and co-founder, Nvidia in a prepared statement. “Whether finding their way back to you from a parking spot or using situational awareness to keep out of harm’s way, future cars will do many amazing, seemingly intelligent things. Advances in computer vision, deep learning and graphics have finally put this dream within reach.”

The Drive PX (above) processor will allow vehicles to understand and navigate their surroundings better all while you sit back and play with your Drive CX powered infotainment system. The PX is said to better locate and identify things like pedestrians, parking spots, and even at some point, recognise the made and model of a specific vehicle; such as police cars and delivery vans which will respond accordingly bringing the computer closer to human-like reaction times.


As for the CX, that’ll be what powers your in-car entertainment, whether its choosing your favourite tracks, or letting you know the finer details of your vehicle such as speed, fuel level, oil level, and more. “It also enables Surround-Vision, which provides an undistorted top-down, 360-degree view of the car in real time — solving the problem of blind spots — and can completely replace a physical mirror with a digital smart mirror,” said NVIDIA.

Though some feel that having self-driving cars is a little dangerous, the more this technology is adapted and adopted, the safer our roads will become as computers will be able to process things such as children running into the road and other incidents, a million times faster than our brains. The future is looking pretty good right now.

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