Let’s be serious now, we all try and cram as much as possible in our washing machines because washing clothes has to be the worst chore ever and the quicker we can do it, the better. LG know this too at CES yesterday, LG unveiled a tiny washing machine which sits under your every day washing machine so you can wash two loads at a time.

The washing machine add-on is called the Twin Wash System, and offers a much smaller washing machine which sits under your current one and can be opened up like a big metal drawer. LG explains that the new washer is perfect for “delicate items that require special attention or unique wash settings,” or in my case, another drum to stuff as much as possible in.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to already own or look to purchase one of LG’s front-loading washing machines in order for the Twin Washing System to work, thankfully it’s compatible with all LG washing machines, even old ones, and LG say it features built-in Smart Diagnosis tech that can find technical issues and fix them quickly to avoid bigger headaches, or floods, down the road. Right now it seems to still be in development as LG has yet to reveal a price for the new machine or projected availability.

Looks like we’ll be sticking to a single washer for a while.


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