The Galaxy S6 is going to offer some serious specs along with a new form of wireless charging, according to a Korean report. In an attempt to gain back some of Samsung’s marketshare, the company looks as though it’s going to try its best to make the S6 as compelling as possible.

It’ll have 4GB of RAM, a first for a phone and double the size of the current generation. In addition, it’ll be powered by a 64-bit processor, yet to be confirmed as an Exynos processor or the Snapdragon 810 (the S5 has a Snapdragon 801 processor). Lastly in terms of specs, the S6 will feature a 20MP back camera compared to the S5’s 16MP.

The report also says the S6 will use a new type of wireless charging based on magnetic resonance. This technology allows power to be transferred wirelessly between two inductors with the same resonant frequency.

Finally, the S6 will reportedly be similar to the Note Edge in terms of having the slanted edge. However it will be on both sides of the phone rather than one.

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