So Xbox’s monthly game service is getting a new wave next month, and I tell you they are some corkers!

First up is #IDARB, a game we are big fans of at n3 HQ! Part hockey style brawl and part social experiment, #IDARB sees up to 8 players battling it out 4v4 to score goals and win matches, all the while people on Twitter and Twitch can influence your game using a specific unique code, they can make complete darkness in the match, or have Rick astley wander across the screen! We recently reviewed #IDARB! Check it out here.

Next up is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. I really good game visually with some awesome innovative controls. You control two brothers on the hunt for their family, and you control each brother with each thumb stick. Abit of a mind bender at first but soon becomes a very intuitive feeling and makes for some awesome puzzle solving fun. Here’s our review.

And finally we’ve got Sniper Elite V2, personaly one of my favourite sniping games! Based in WW2, your job is to act as a badass sniper, picking off enemies from ridiculously far away, and watching in slow motion AND X-Ray vision as the bullets tear through Nazi internal organs.

So so there we go! That should keep your hands busy this winter, maybe you could challenge us to an #IDARB match or two.

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