Marvel have just revealed the covers for Avengers #44 and New Avengers #33, the final issues of Jonathan Hickman fantastic run before Secret Wars begins in May.

Since the multiverse shattering events at the end of Age of Ultron, the Marvel Universes have been colliding leaving hundreds of billions dead. The New Avengers/ The Illuminati took it upon themselves to keep Earth-616 safe by destroying the other earths.

In Avengers #44 and New Avengers #33 time will finally run out and the time the final incursion is nigh.

Fan favourite artist Dustin Weaver will be taking over the front cover for both oversized issues to make one epic image. Avengers #44 by Hickman and Mike Deodato will be available in April and followed by New Avengers #33 with art by Kev Walker.

Here is a first look at the two interlocking covers together:

New Avengers

How do you think the Avengers will survive and what has been your favourite moment from the current Avengers / New Avengers run? Mine was the New Avengers Vs The “Justice League”.

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