Well, that sucks.

For those who have been following the development of Human Element ever since Robotoki announced its existence in 2012, there’s some pretty disappointing news coming your way this evening. Robert Bowling, the former Call of Duty creative strategist, has announced that his studio, Robotoki is closing down.

If that news wasn’t bad enough, it seems the ambitious first person survival shooter that the studio was working on has bveen put on “hiatus,” and we all know what that unfortunately means.

Human Element was an ambitious and dramatic take on the post-apocalyptic world focusing on humans rebuilding civilisation.

At first the game was set to be a free-to-play title published by Nexon, but unfortunately that deal came to a close due to the more premium route Bowling and the studio were heading, since then he’s been hunting down a new publisher, but it seems he’s hit a wall and has had no choice but to call it quits.

“This week we have ceased operations at Robotoki and the development of Human Element is on hiatus,” Bowling said in a statement to Eurogamer. “We were actively negotiating a new publishing deal for the premium version of Human Element but unfortunately I was unable to continue to self-fund development until a deal was finalised.”

So there you have it. There’s no word as to whether he’ll be continuing development at a later date or whether Human Element will be one of the many games that forever remain on hiatus.

For those who missed it, here’s the first teaser which was released at The Game Awards in December last year.

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