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DISCLAIMER: So before we go any further I will say this. I am not saying I have solved a massive issue for Microsoft, I have discovered this through a lot of fiddling around and playing with configurations and found something that works for me, and has worked for others I’ve told, but I have to say that this is not a guaranteed fix for every game. This seems to work on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but I haven’t got any other local Split Screen games to try this with.

I know a lot of people have been trying to do this, and it was infuriating me that Microsoft haven’t made this a standard feature. On the 360 you could make it so the party audio came through your speakers and your headset, so everyone in the room could hear the chat, but for some unknown reason, this isn’t an option on the Xbox One! And before people say “Ooh well just use the Kinect!” Since Microsoft launched the Kinect-free bundle a lot of people don’t have the Kinect, so this is aimed at everyone, obviously if you have got the Kinect, then just use that!

imageI messaged Xbox Support and asked them if it was possible to use two headsets when split screen on certain games, and they said no, it isn’t possible! So I took that as a challenge, and we did it! Me and my girlfriend spent a fair amount of time fiddling around and here is a guide, on how to get two headset microphones working independently from two full gold membership accounts whilst playing split-screen on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

  1. Player 1, sign in with your account and get too the lobby where you can choose to ‘connect another controller for splitscreen’ – make sure that you’re NOT in a party at this point.
  2. Grab Player 2’s controller and BEFORE you turn it on, connect the headset.
  3. Turn on Player 2’s controller and press ‘A’ to sign into the second profile.
  4. Both names should have the microphone icon and when speaking into the mic, both symbols should show that they are picking up independently (we had a lot of trouble with the voice both coming from P1 profile)
  5. Check whether it’s all working correctly, and there you have it!

If this works for you, you should now be able to go into a game and both talk independently, or join a party and both be able to hear and talk to the rest of the party. You won’t be able to hear each other through the headset however, but that’s not a huge issue. Another thing worth mentioning is that if you are both using Stereo Headsets as we were, you will both hear the game sounds from both screens. i.e. if P2 is shooting, P1 will hear the sound in the headset.

So I hope that works for people! I know that is a big thing people have been looking to do, so hopefully everyone will be split screening everywhere soon!!

Let me know if this works for you.

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