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Yesterday Microsoft announced that with Windows 10  you’ll be able to stream your Xbox One games onto your Windows 10 PC or tablets over a local WiFi network, with Microsoft demoing Forza Horizon 2 on a Windows 10 laptop, but what about the opposite way? Could we stream PC games on the Xbox One – quite possibly!

According to Mike Ybarra during a roundtable interview, he said “We’re actively investigating that right now,” he said. We don’t have any further details to share, but it’s something we’re looking at.”

This feature could actually be a long while away however, as Microsoft are still finalising details and development of the Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming, as at the moment they’re only hitting 720p/30fps.

“Right now in the labs it’s 720p/30fps. We’re looking at 1080p/30fps, 1080p/60fps and that is where a lot of what’s your home network – is it wired? – will come in to effect.

“So really it will largely depend on the scenario in which someone’s trying to play that. But we’re investigating to make sure that we can give the optimal experience based on what the scenario is for the consumer.

“We haven’t tested every single game so I can’t give you a definitive answer,” Ybarra continued, “but certainly our goal is to be as low latency as possible. Especially for frames per second because any kind of additional latency there, we’ll hear [about] it loud and clear.”

Microsoft has also confirmed that they’ll be attempting to make as many Xbox One games compatible with the technology as possible, though it’s probably worth noting that Kinect title’s won’t work.

Finally, Microsoft confirmed that its new Spartan browser will arrive on the Xbox One, though they’re not saying when.

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