More Assassin’s Creed Unity missions, weapons and gear are available to download now vua the game’s new Secrets of the Revolution DLC. Though you may already recognise some of these items if you pre-ordered the game last year.

Yep, once again Ubisoft has bundled together all of the games pre-order DLC and special edition bits and bobs, so you can buy it all in one. This is the usual annual release that really annoys our own Ollie Colten, who often buys multiple versions of Assassin’s Creed so he can grab all of this gear first. It seems, he’ll never learn.

The Secrets of the Revolution DLC includes The Chemical Revolution, The American Prisoner, and Killed by Science missions, as well as nine weapons and five pieces of armour. Good news for those who bought the Assassin’s Creed Unity’s now-cancelled Season Pass, this particular DLC will also be free-of-charge too.

If you didn’t get the season pass, you’ll have to fork out £5.49 on PC, or £5.59 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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