So it’s actually been quite a busy week for comic news with both Ant-Man and Daredevil announcements and a whisper of a Fantastic Four trailer is also in the air. So let’s talk Ant-Man, the Marvel project which had had more teething problems than Iron Man. Yes, that’s right Iron Man.

The first Iron Man almost had Tom Cruise at the helm and was going to produced by a different studio, check out the rejected armour designs. The same sort of thing happened with Ant-Man, but I think it might be a few years before we get a clear understanding of how things went sour and caused Edgar Wright to leave the project. Until then, we have other things to talk about.

First, the first trailer has been released, but not before Marvel released some quirky marketing gimmicks: We got an ant-sized trailer, a brief teaser literally sized for ants. We have a human sized one of course which you can see here. Alongside it we got a poster with Paul Rudd shrunk down in full Ant-Man gear being magnified by a magnifying glass.

This is all clever and quirky marketing and embraces the kooky side of the character, the downside to all of this is how we got a pre-trailer for the trailer – an advert for an advert – which seems to crazy to me. A lazy way to generate chatter without really doing anything.

Anyway, onto the story. Maybe it is a smart idea to back bench outcast Avenger, Henry Pym, mostly because of his tricky back story: the fact he created Ultron, struck his wife, and created a robot that only he could beat to redeem himself to The Avengers may make him a bit difficult to portray on the big-screen

So popping him in the elder mentor role dodges most of those issues. Making Scott Lang, the man hero? A good idea.

You have a whole wealth of freedom to do what you want with this guy, the electrical engineer who worked for one Stark’s companies – turned burglar who became Ant-Man to steal some more to help his daughter. don’t worry though, he then turned good again.

One thing I have noticed however was Hope Van-Dyne, Pym’s spouse (and the one he struck), was called Janet Van-Dyne. How could the two be related? It’s hard to tell, but at least talking about means that Marvel’s marketing team is doing its job.

Also for fans of the 90’s Iron Man cartoon, Whirlwind was originally an Ant-Man bad guy. A whirly wished I had opened with that.

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