Good news everyone! PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Order: 1886, has gone gold ahead of its February 20 release date meaning that it’s bring prepared for release and getting printed to disc! Details of the games pre-order DLC has also been released as well as the list of Trophies players will be able to earn in the game, though watch out; there may be spoilers.

The Order: 1886 is set in a steam punk-like Victorian Britain which is currently under attack from some nightmarish looking creatures called Half-Breeds. It’s up to The Knighs of The Order to stop the infestation before Victorian London is wiped out completely, but there’s another threat in the form of rebellion, the lower class declaring war against The Order and their government.

Now the game has gone Gold, Sony has shared some information on the games bonus DLC that you’ll be able to grab if you decide to pre-order the game, the first being The Knight’s Arsenal DLC, which includes an alternate ‘Knight’ uniform for Galahad, and a “powerful variant weapons including the explosive Arsonist Rifle and Arc Rifle Prototype which fires devastating bolts of red electricity”, according to the official description. “Each pack includes an interchangeable uniform and variant weapon.”

The other pack which is exclusive to GameStop is the The Knights Endurance Pack, which includes “the Desert Khaki Infiltration field uniform”, which comes with the Endless Blackwater and Blacklight Regeneration ability upgrades.

If that wasn’t enough information about The Order: 1886, the games Trophy’s have also surfaced online revealing that the game will feature 22 trophies, one of which is platinum, 7 are gold, and the remaining 14 are silver. Check the full list below, but bear in mind that there are likely to be some spoilers in amongst them.

The Order 1886 Trophies:

  • The Grail – Collect all Trophies (plat)
  • A Knight No More – Complete the game (any difficulty) (gold)
  • The Marksman – Kill 5 enemies with a headshot during Blacksight (gold)
  • Well Rounded – Kill an enemy with every weapon (gold)
  • Modern Marvels – Kill 40 enemies with science weapons (gold)
  • Collateral Damage – Kill 3 enemies with a single explosion (gold)
  • Inspector First Class – Find all inspect items (gold)
  • Brilliant! – Shoot an airborne grenade during Blacksight (gold)
  • Between the Eyes – Kill 100 enemies with a headshot (silver)
  • Undivided Attention – Kill 25 enemies during Blacksight (silver)
  • From the Hip – Kill 25 enemies without aiming (silver)
  • Box Your Ears – Kill 15 enemies with melee attacks (silver)
  • Snuffed Out – Kill 7 enemies with silent takedowns (silver)
  • Gunslinger – Kill 75 enemies with pistols (silver)
  • The Hunter – Kill 10 Lycans (silver)
  • Up in Flames – Incinerate 15 enemies (silver)
  • Archivist – Collect all phonograph cylinders (silver)
  • Well-read – Inspect all newspapers (silver)
  • Detail Oriented – Inspect all photographs and documents (silver)
  • Power of Observation – Inspect all objects (silver)
  • Discombobulated – Stun an enemy 30 times with the M2 ‘Falchion’ (silver)
  • Highly Volatile – Detonate 10 powder kegs (silver)

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