This weekend one player thought it would be a good idea to undock from Jita with $1,500 worth of PLEX in a Caldari rookie ship known as an Ibis, if that sentence alone confuses you as it did with me, it’s the equivalent of someone leaving a bank with £986 worth of fivers stuffed into a Tesco bag. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a pretty bad idea. So it comes as no surprise that as soon as pilot Ozuwara Ozuwara left Jita, he was attacked, which blasted all of that PLEX into oblivion.

PLEX, or Pilot License Extension, is essentially EVE Online’s premium currency which can be used to buy in-game time and gives payers 30-days of play time which can be sold or traded between players. It’s a little more expensive than paying for a months subscription and is usually used to trade for EVE Online’s in-game currency ISK. It’s also worth noting that PLEX can only be obtained by purchasing it directly from CCP or an authorised third-party reseller, occasionally you can find them or scavenge them, but this much is definitely something the player has to purchase.

As it stands right now, a single PLEX goes for roughly 800 million ISK, which means in total, Ozuwara Ozuwara tried to transport over 70 billion ISK worth of cargo, something that’s baffling everyone. From here though, it didn’t take too long before Ozuwara Ozuwara was attacked by a pilot named Diorden. In some cases it seems that things can be salvaged from the wreckage such as PLEX, but it was revealed that nothing was left behind, essentially meaning $1,500 worth of in-game currency has turned into space dust.


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