So quite unbelievably (in my eyes) the PlayStation 4 and PSVita STILL have not been released in China, and the dates have been changed once again.

Exactly a year ago yesterday, the Chinese government lifted a 14-year ban on foreign games consoles being sold in the country. Since then, Sony and Microsoft have been trying their best to get their consoles to the 1/7th of the planets entire population that they have been shielded from for over a decade.

Just to put this into perspective, if you were in China all this time, Playing Tony Hawks Pro Skater (released on The PlayStation in 1999), assuming you completed the game in a fairly average 6 hours and got a good 7 hours sleep each night, you could have completed the game 14,478 times!!

It’s been announced that Sony have postponed the release of the PS4 onto Chinese soil, just days before it was meant to be released on the 11th of January. A Reuters Report has said that the delay is due to “various factors,” possibly similar to those that Microsoft encountered when releasing the Xbox One in September last year.

There’s no news yet as to a replacement date, or as to where this will effect the PS Vita aswell. The PS4 was said to be going to cost the equivalent of £300, and the PS Vita will set back customers £135.

China are entering a world of gaming wonder! Might be worth a business trip out there to document it all… *cough cough*

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