2014 was a good year for many things, but it was also a bad year for companies being attacked by hackers who gain access to private customer information, that’s why this year President Obama is proposing a handful of new laws which protect American citizens and their information if things to go awry.

The first law Obama is calling for is to ensure that American companies inform their customers about consumer information being stolen in attacks. This news comes via The New York Times who reports that the president will propose the Personal Data Notification and Protection Act during his speech at the Federal Trade Commission today.

If the proposal comes into play, the discovery of a breach would trigger a “30-day shot clock,” which requires companies to disclose information. The law will also rule that those who sell a person’s information overseas will be breaking the law. If the law comes into place, the Federal Trade Commission will be given the power to issue penalties to companies failing to comply.

With the Sony Pictures hack becoming one of the more spotlit hacks of last year, it’s become high priority for goverments around the world to ensure users information are safe online and this is just one example how, at least for citizens of the United States, are a step in the right direction.

We’ll know soon enough if this law comes into practice so stay tuned.

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