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For a while now Valve has been trying to combat people exploiting Steam’s Trading system by stopping trades between certain regions, as well as ensuring that trades can be completed fully without the one person cancelling their purchase at a later date. Now it seems Valve want to know whether you’re a real person by introducing Google’s new ReCAPTCHA to the Trade System to prove you’re a real air breathing, flesh covered, human.

The addition of CAPTCHA also prevents certain malware from making your computer perform unauthorised trades without your knowledge. Surprisingly Steam has opted for Google’s new reCAPTCHA to ensure you’re a human which involves you inputting a single click instead of having to work out a cryptic CAPTCHA message.

Fortunately Valve know that it’s “a bit of a hassle,” but it’ll be worthwhile.

“We know it’s a bit of a hassle,” wrote Valve’s John Cook in a post on the Steam Trading Cards group. “And we don’t like making trading harder for users, but we do expect it to significantly help customers who are tricked into downloading and running malware from losing their items.”

Of course, nobody likes change with some users expressing their mixed reactions and some suggesting Valve should give some users the option to turn it off – though what’s an extra click at the end of the day?

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