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Today, ZeroDesktop has launched their QualityTime app on Android. QualityTime has been in beta for some time and now it’s fully launched on the Google Play store with the hopes to make you realise just how much you use your smartphone on a daily basis. I’ve been testing this app out for a few weeks now, and let me tell you, it’s ruined my life.

Have you ever wanted to know which apps you use the most? Or how many times you unlock your smartphone? or how much time you use apps for? If you have, forget about that thought right now because if you’re as addicted to your smartphone as I am, the numbers will be depressing. If you are interested though, QualityTime will monitor all of this for you, helping you monitor and be aware of the amount of time you spend on your smartphone.

“With statistics showing that most people sleep next to their smartphones, and 90% regularly overuse their device, QualityTime is ideal for those suffering from smartphone addiction – or for those who are simply curious about how much time they spend on popular apps such as Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. Users can also switch off from their smartphone completely by choosing to “lock” their screen for set periods of time,” writes ZeroDesktop in a press release.

Not only can QualityTime let you know how much you “overuse” your smartphone, it can also lock your device so you can spend some much needed quality time with your friends, family, or even by yourself without being hooked to the Internet.

The app nicely summarises your daily or weekly smartphone habits including stats for total app usage, phone unlock frequency, and detailed reporting which ZeroDesktop are calling your “digital diet,” you can also create notifications or alerts via IFTTT to let you know just how much time you’ve been spending on your phone, or to tell you to put the bloody thing down and pay attention to the real world. It’s also perfect to avoid melt-downs on games such as Flappy Bird or Candy Crush Saga – if you feel you have a problem..

If you fancy sharing your smartphone shame, you can do so by sharing your stats on Facebook or Twitter and compare your usage, or lack thereof with friends. The app is non-intrusive and can run in the background without any interference or power consumption whatsoever, so when you eventually remember you have the QualityTime on your phone, you can look back at your appalling smartphone habits and hang your head in shame.

Now, granted, I am being a little pessimistic about the app, but it’s actually proven quite useful as I’ve realised which apps I rely on the most, I can also see how much sleep I actually get from when I lock my phone at night and unlock my phone in the morning and start browsing the web or using apps. It can also be useful for those who really want to put a stop to using their phone when they get home from work in order to spend time with their significant others.

The QualityTime app is completely free from Google Play Store. To read more about the app, check out the QualityTime website.

Oh, and if you’re interested in my stats.. Here’s the results from last week (starting January 11):

  • Weekly App Usage: 26h 33m.
  • Weekly App Frequency: 1474 times (holy crap).
  • reddit sync is my most used app at 6h 20m.
  • Press is second at 5h 46m.
  • Cloudmagic in third at 2h 5m.
  • Chrome took 1h40m of my time.
  • Messenger (SMS) 1h39m.

Oh and yesterday I unlocked my phone 79 times, which is pretty tame, actually. Sunday I unlocked my phone 98 times..

I really need to stop.

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