Deadpool gets to have a lot of fun, let’s be honest. He got to kill the Marvel Universe, fight some literature and, he got married. Now we’ve got Return of the Living Deadpool.

We’ve got his ‘death’ coming up in April with issue 250 which seems to involve beret and white jacket terror group Ultimatum. Similar to the ‘deaths’ of Spider-man, Batman and Superman, this is the likely scenario considering our fondness of a Merc with a Mouth. Though just remember, Captain Marvel (the first chap called Captain Marvel), Scarlet Spider (Spider-man’s clone) and Uncle Ben stayed — Doppelgangers excluded.

So for now, enjoy the army of Deadpools we have to contend with. Writer, Cullen Bunn sums up the scary events in store.

“So there are thousands of Deadpools, all of them originating from the one and only Wade Wilson,” says Bunn in an interview with “Every time a zombie takes a bite of one of these Deadpools, the zombie becomes Deadpool. You know how Deadpool has numerous personalities? Well, these newly created Deadpools start to latch on to different aspects of Deadpools split psyche, forming factions. And these factions don’t get along!”

So imagine the Walking Dead with a dude with an odd sense humour and an urge for killing.

Check out the gallery below for all the Resident Deadpool goodness.

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