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Child-friendly versions of popular apps are becoming more common now smartphone tech is landing in the hands of almost everyone nowadays. Snapchat launched a kid-safe version of their app, and now Vine has launched a kid-friendly app too, allowing little ones to browse child-friendly loops.

Vine isn’t exactly something you’d call “family friendly,” and though Vine has thousands of people creating content for the six-second video-looping site, it’d be hard to ensure everything that pops up in your timeline is safe for the little ones in your life, also, why would you put your kid on Vine anyway? Well, if you’re the sort of person who wants your child to be an early adopter of every social network ever, there’s now Vine Kids, which comes out of a recent hack week where employees work on pet projects rather than focusing on their daily duties.

Vine Kids is a lot different to the Vine app we all know and love, because instead of showing content made by others, it’ll show stuff selected by the Vine Staff. Even so, they won’t be the usual looping videos of people falling down the stairs or pulling pranks, these will be kid friendly videos of “adorable animated characters” that can be interacted with by taping and swiping on the little dudes faces. The characters emit “quirky sounds” too to keep any kid entertained for hours.

Though it’s not exactly revolutionary, it’s nice to see a social network putting in some effort to the younger generations who are already manhandling expensive tech with their sticky fingers.

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