Earlier this week we got a press release that had me feeling just a little inspired.  One of my resolutions this year was to actually start making some kind of small game, rather than just constantly consuming them.  I’m by no means a coding expert, but I know a trick or two, so I figured I should be able to achieve something throughout the year, given there are plenty of tools out there for people in my position.

GameGuru is the latest in such tools, and its going to be available through Early Access on Steam next month.  It’s only $20AU (~£10, but this will likely go up) and comes with a bunch of games using their engine to give you an idea what it can do.  You can start building your game straight away, and then share it and even sell it when you want – it’s royalty free, so if you build a hit, all that sweet, sweet revenue is yours alone.

The tool lets you build a free-roaming, realistic virtual 3D world, where you can populate said world with all manner of objects like buildings, trees, and NPCs, as well as sculpt the landscape to suit your imagination.  You can also adjust the filters and lighting to change the mood of your world, making it dark and ominous for a survival horror, or bright and sunny for a free-roaming RPG (and anything in between). From the initial information, it looks more suitable for FPS style games, but I’m pretty excited nevertheless.  I’m looking forward to its release and to see what I can do with it!

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