Are you sick of always seeing 2D pictures of food on social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see around the entire plate of someones food rather than that one angle which focuses on the potatoes? Well Dacuda AG have announced that their 3D photography app, 3DAround has now entered public beta allowing any footographer (I’m sure that’s a thing..?) to take glorious 3D pictures of their food for their friends to oggle at.

.You see, 3DAround doesn’t just take a picture of the potatoes on your plate, 3DAround takes a photo of the meat, veg, and more and creates a glorious 3D image for you to share on social networks giving your friends a full 360 degree look at the meal you’re about to devour, all using your iPhone 6.

Using Dacuda’s innovative omni-directional SLAM Scan 3D technology engine, software, and smart algorithms (what a mouthful) the 3DAround app delivers, without expensive hardware, 3D scanning using the iPhone 6’s camera features on offer with iOS 8.

Before now, 1,000 users have been testing the app which has been developed in response to the popularity of foodographers (yeah, that’s got to be a thing..) sharing images of their cakes, lunches, coffee, and more via social networks.

Unlike panoramic photography apps, which require you to move left or right whilst maintaining composure and a steady hand, 3DAround’s technology has been developed by cutting-edge research in robotics and computer vision between the Swiss-based Dacuda and the University of Zurich’s Robotics and Perception Lab which is led by Prof. Dr. Davide Scaramuzza. Though the app does use a similar method as panorama apps, Dacuda’s SLAM Scan 3D technology, in real-time, stitches highly accurate images over space and time while allowing for random camera movements.

Once you’ve captured your image by simply running around the table holding your camera towards your food, you can then share glorious 3D images over Instagram or Facebook, though it’s worth noting that with Instagram you’ll still get a still image, on Facebook however, your friends will be able to view every dimension of your meal, if they so wish.

If only we could taste it too.

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