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Android Wear Smartwatches have been on the market for a good few months now, and with last year’s Google I/O being the time Google officially introduced the wearable operating system, we’re yet to hear exactly how well Android Wear powered devices are doing. Thankfully, we have Analysts.

Industry Analyst Canalys has stepped in to provide some insight to how well Google’s wearable focussed operating system has done over the past year. According to their report, of the 4.6 million wearables that were shipped last year, over 720,000 of them were powered by Android Wear. They also revealed which device was the most popular, and you might have already guessed which; The Moto 360. Canalyst notes that while the Moto 360 is the clear winner, LG’s attempt at a round smartwatch with the LG G Watch R, came in a close second, outperforming the original LG G Watch.

What this proves that when it comes to smartwatches, people much prefer the traditional round watch faces than clunky square or rectangular faces. That being said however, Pebble announced last week that they have officially sold one million of their smartwatches, though they’ve had a pretty good lead on Android Wear. Though leading the wearable race is Samsung, who frankly has oversaturated the market with wearables releasing 6 different devices in as little as 14 months.

This year is set to see the second generation of Android Wear devices hitting the market, with all eyes firmly set on late-May when Google host this year’s Google I/O. This year is also set to see an appearance of Apple’s Apple Watch, HTC’s own smartwatch, and watchmaker Swatch is also expected to release a smart device.

If you’ve been following smartwatches for some time now, this year is going to be the year where things get interesting.

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