The latest installment of DLC is now available for Alien: Isolation. Lost Contact is the fourth DLC that has been released for the game, which came out October last year.

This DLC focuses on the return to the teeth grindingly challenging Salvage mode which means no cutscenes, nothing to keep you distracted from your task, it’s just you and the Xenomorph playing that ever deadly game of cat and mouse whilst you complete your objective. The new map will take you through the Lorenz Private Wards and the Emergency Power Plant. Returning to the forefront is the player character Axel, armed with your trusty revolver and boltgun to keep you moving, dodging the alien and Working Joes as you go.

Trapped in deep space on board Sevastopol, you’ll need to explore the station to complete objectives and survive. Can you evade your enemies across ten waves of challenges, or will you take them head-on?

Lost Contact is out now for purchase on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and PC, and is included in the Alien: Isolation Season Pass.

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