Back in 2013 Apple made iWork free to use and now 2 years later they’re switching it up again and taking a big step in the right direction by allowing those without an iDevice to access to the iWork Apps.

The move to be multi-platform makes Apple a competitor with the likes of Google Drive and Microsoft Office suites, by removing the need to be working on a iPad/iPhone/Mac they’re reaching a much wider audience and those with an iDevice at home, but not in the office or vice versa will also be pleased.

The Beta version will give everyone access to Numbers, Pages and Keynote. All Apple want from you is for you to set up an Apple ID first, not a big ask when almost everything these days involves some kind of username/password log in.

Once you’ve signed up via the iCloud Beta site you’ll get 1GB of storage for free so you can save any progress within the apps and access them on your Windows PC, Android Device or Linux.

There’s no word yet if this is going to roll across into the standard version of iWork.

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