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Threaks are a small independent studio from Germany who last year released their debut title, Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians, on PC which was then followed up by a release on iOS. Since then the music-centric beat popping platformer has sold 700,000 copies on both platforms! Wowee!

For those who have missed out on this adorably addictive title, the game follows Beatbuddy as he floats around his world following the beat as he defends his musical homeland of Symphonia against the greedy Prince Maestro. The game features challenging puzzles using perfectly timed taps and manoeuvres which are found in the most picturesque hand-drawn environments.

The game originally launched in August 2013 and has since been awarded the Best of Appstore 2014 in six countries and the winner of over 15 rewards and nominations in the 18 months since launch. Now Threaks are pleased to announce that they’ve shipped off 700,000 copies of the game to foot tapping players around the world¸ and they’re not stopping there.

“But the Beatbuddy party is far from being over,” Threaks revealed in a press release. “In 2015 THREAKS will release the Android and Wii U version of the game and aim to break the 1 million download mark. Both versions are scheduled for Q3 2015.”

If you’re yet to experience the world of Beatbuddy, then now’s your chance as the game is currently 66 per cent off on Steam, so what are you waiting for? Go help save the world of Symphonia!

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