Do you dream of breaking into the ruthless illustration industry? Have you ever wished you could draw for a big company and find your fame and fortune? Well here’s your chance!

The Pokemon Company are inviting fans and illustrators to enter their Pokemon Art Academy contest via Nintendo’s Miiverse social network.  Pokemon Art Academy is a drawing game available on 2DS/3DS that teaches you how to paint, sketch and draw various Pokemon, and apply these skills in the real world.  If you’ve ever poked your head into the wonder of the Miiverse, you’ll see there are some pretty talented artists out there, and now the Pokemon Company aims to reward that talent.

Six winners will be selected from the entries, and their creations will be turned into actual Trading Card Game cards!  Each winner will get 100 of the cards featuring their winning design, which will no doubt to be pretty good fodder for bragging rights (though the fine print indicates they won’t form part of any official deck or be allowed to be used in official tournaments).

There are two categories for the competition, which are “Dress-Up Pikachu” (inspired by the Cosplay Pikachu in the most recent games) and “My Favourite Pokemon” (for artistic impressions – should this guy enter, do you think?)

The competition starts on 18 February and ends on 29 March – winners will be announced in May.

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