If there’s one thing I plan on telling my future children is to be nice to the robots, because one day when our robot overlords become self aware, we want to be friends with them not enemies. Unfortunately for this Boston Dynamics engineer, he’s fucked.

Meet Spot, he’s Boston Dynamics latest version of the BigDog robot, a quadrupedal robot designed to travel across rough uneven terrain which us humans would otherwise struggle to get to. Unlike BigDog, Spot is much smaller and weighs a svelte 160 lbs, compared to BigDog’s 240 lbs. It does however share BigDog’s design with its four hydraulics legs, sensor head, and an ability to stay upright as it climbs slopes and uneven ground.

It can even take a kick or two, as that previously mentioned screwed engineer and friends demonstrates in the video above. Please stop kicking Spot, you’ll definitely regret it.

Of course, practically Spot is perfect for search & rescue and navigating hillsides and clifftops to find lost or stranded people, and more. Though if I thought I were about to die with my leg trapped under a rock, I’m not sure I’d be pleased to see a 160 lbs robot who trots around with such glee.

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