Yes, it’s another Battlestar Galactica article. Most of you are probably thinking, ‘If he’s such a fan, how come he didn’t mention the German LARP they did the other week’ Well, guess what. I just did. Plus I couldn’t go, I don’t speak German and in my job, there is no such thing as a five-day weekend.

So back to the Dynamite Comics comic book line. This time we’ll be talking about the Origins series. You can pretty guess what the series is about from the title. No it’s not about the origins and creation of the universe itself. This series follows the beginnings of popular characters from the re-imagined show. To save time and make things convenient, they did Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace and Karl ‘Helo’ Agathon together.

So going back a while before the beginning of the show we find the two would be pilots  at training school and we find Thrace being punished for her bad attitude and the all around moral compass Helo trying to stick up for her, only to her annoyance.

Whilst playing a Pyramid game (a type of recreational game like American Football, but a bit more complex by the looks of it) Helo injures Starbuck damaging her leg and ending her Pyramid playing days.

But just like the 2009 Star Trek film, our heroes are brought together and must put aside their differences to beat the bad guys. When the colony of Troy experiences a disaster (engineered by the Cylons so they could place a spy in the military) the cadets at the academy are called in.

When Starbuck and Helo’s Raptor (a shuttlecraft, basically) crashes on the surface they must make tough decisions about what do with the injured survivors and how to avoid a stalking enemy (The Cylons Sharon and Leoben, though the two never find this out)

Along the way, they make friends. In the most cliché way possible, by having sex. Because a man and woman can’t have a meaningful relationship without sex right? They eventually get off of Troy, without ever finding out about The Cylons involvement. This then sets them on the path to the beginning of the show.

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