So it finally happened. We finally got a Fantastic Four trailer. So after months of a press and PR black hole we got to see what the upcoming Fantastic Four trailer will be like. Check out the news here.

This week we’ll be talking about what seems to be the big inspiration for the  film. The Ultimate Fantastic Four. You’re probably bored of me reminding you about this, but for any newcomers or forgetful folk, here we go.

The Ultimate Universe is a separate parallel universe from the mainstream universe (referred to as Earth 616) where Miles Morales (Spider-man) lives and most of the current Marvel movies draw inspiration from. It mostly consists of modern takes on the characters or writers re-inventing a character in a certain way. Like the Fantastic Four.

Sultimate fantastic four color by logicfuno in the Ultimate Universe, Reed Richards was a child genius who was part of a government run think tank, based in the Baxter Building. Another child genius who was at the think tank was Victor Van Damme, the future Doctor Doom. All under the eye of Dr Franklin Storm.

At a little later when the two had become young adults they decided to try out a teleportation device they had created which would take them a dimension called the N-Zone, also known as the Negative Zone.

Little did Reed know that Victor had sabotaged the device. So when five of them tried out the device, things didn’t go as planned. Along with Reed and Victor; Reed’s childhood friend Ben Grimm came along and so did Franklin two kids, Sue Storm and her slacker brother Johnny Storm.

On that day, when the teleporter took the five to the N-Zone, they gained superhuman powers and The Fantastic Four was born. Along with Doctor Doom of course.

Later on the Four split after Reed thought Sue had been killed in a tidal wave that had hit New York Reed and Ben seemed to have killed Doctor Doom.

Sue broke up with Reed and the Fantastic Four was finished. Reed then went on to become a super villain who tried to take over the Earth. Of course, he failed.

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