Finally! I’m one step closer to becoming a fat recluse now Burger King have announced that they’ve set up their delivery service here in the UK! What do you mean they don’t deliver in my area yet? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Well, if you’re one of the lucky few that has a Burger King willing to deliver in your area, you’ll now be able to get a tasty Double Whopper delivered right to your door as Burger King is trialling a food delivery service in the UK, just three years after a similar initiative was rolled out in the US.

If you’re hoping your local BK delivers to you, you may be in luck, if you live in one of 8 cities currently trialling the new service, those regions are: Northampton, Hull, Romford, Hayes, Gants Hill, Truro, Skegness, and Hornchurch, according to Metro.

As with the US version, there’s a dedicated delivery portal just for that, which can be found by heading to BurgerKingDelivers.co.uk – it looks like bit of a dodgy URL, but it’s definitely the one. If you prefer you can place your order over the phone too with deliveries being available from 12-3pm and 6-10pm each day.

If this proves successful in this small region of cities, a nationwide rollout will take part later this year. Which I’m pretty excited about..

Though fast-food delivery services are nothing new, the “on-demand” food business is definitely booming. London-based food delivery aggregator JustEat began trading on the London Stock Exchange last year, opening at a value of $2.45 billion, so Burger King’s adoption into this business too is definitely telling, it’s just a shame it’s taken this long for them to pick up on it. Here’s hoping McDonalds and KFC follow suit.

Burger King Delivers

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