There’s nothing like a bit of morbidity on a Thursday evening, eh?

For those of you who are totally obsessed with your Facebook profiles and have always wondered what will happen to your page once you die, before today it would just sit untouched as if you’d forgotten your password. Now however, you can create a ‘Facebook Will’ and tell the social network who’ll be your Executor, or alternatively, tell the social network to delete your account completely.

Starting today, users in the US will be able to choose to have their accounts deleted after their death, or grant another person on Facebook permission to manage certain parts of their account on their behalf, though I’m more interested in how Facebook will know when you’ve died.. Facebook calls this person you’ve chosen a ‘Legacy Contact’ and users will be able to choose who that person will be through the website’s or app’s security page.

Sounds great, right? Well.. maybe not..

If you choose to set up a Legacy Contact, they’ll be able to do a number of things once you pop your clogs, such as changing your profile photo, accept friend requests, pin announcements on your timeline, that is once Facebook has received notice of your death – Ohhhh, that’s how they know. Thankfully if you’re worried about this Legacy Contact having a snoop at your messages or even creepier, deciding to pretend that they’re you by posting on Facebook as you, they actually won’t be able to do either, so breathe a sigh of relief. The Legacy Contact can however download a file containing all of the accounts photos, posts, and other information.

Right now this is only limited to the US, but Facebook do say that it’ll be rolling out to other countries.

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