It happened. The great Marvel empire has got Spider-man back. After letting Sony borrow him ages ago, they finally returned him.Sorry, to anyone who was lookin g forward to the Amazing Spider-man 3 and the future of the franchise – the Andrew Garfield era is set to be over.

Though don’t worry Marvel, I’ve got this. I’ll give you some ideas on what to do now you have him back, since it seems DC may be the nefarious third-party who may be listening to me through my Samsung TV and may have borrowed my idea about Batman having a super powered sidekick. That either happened or I may be paranoid.

So I’ve had a week-long think about this. I thought back to all the Avengers comics I’ve read which have featured Spider-man since he joined the team post-Dissembled. This was an event which saw the larger and more traditional roster of Avengers fall apart.

Scarlet Witch began to suffer from a mental illness and lost control of her powers and killed Ant-Man (Scott Lang) among a few and destroyed the spiritual home of The Avengers. The Avengers Mansion.

After this and some other disastrous occurrences  The Avengers disbanded. Only to be reformed by Iron man and Captain America after a prison breakout began at The Raft.

The Avengers formed then consisted of unlikely  Avengers material like Spider-man (he had been a reserve) and Luke Cage.

We should keep the Amazing Spider-man continuity. Why? because I like recycling and if something this high-profile gets rebooted after such a short time it’ll set such a bad example, since most of the cinema industry is about adapting good ideas and changing them slightly.

I know that it won’t be Andrew Garfield returning, but you could use Mile Morales. Since Spider-man will appear during the Civil War set a while after the Amazing Spider-man 2, Marvel could use Miles Morales.

Explaining it in a montage; Peter Parker dies, Miles gets bitten by another spider, becomes inspired and thus we don’t have another whitewash retelling of a story we already now.

Or the new Spider-man could be a clone and the imperfect bad guy clones from the infamous clone saga could be played by Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.

Making a huge stretch Dr. Miles Warren AKA the Jackal (the guy who does the cloning) can be played by Nicholas Hammond (who get’s that reference? comment below)

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