Way back in 2013 we heard that Chuck Palahniuk was working on a sequel to Fight Club and that sequel wouldn’t be another written novel, oh no, he’s going down the graphic novel route. It’s been a while since its announcement and now it’s finally time to take a look at what’s in store for us as the first six pages have been shared online.

Thankfully this isn’t one of those situations where the novel has leaked out, Playboy have actually published the pages with Palahniuk’s blessing, so you can read away knowing that you’re not being a terrible person. Anyway, from looking at the first pages we see that it picks up around nine years after the original novel, and the Narrator now has a name: Sebastian.

Sabastian is now married to Marla Singer, who bears quite a resemblance to Helen Bonham Carter, the actress who played Singer in the 1999 film also starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. From the beginning it all seems a little PG as Sebastian has left his Fight Club origins behind and is living a “happy” life thanks to meds and medical marijuana, something that Singer isn’t too happy about.

The two also have a son, who’s taken to making gunpowder in his bedroom and seems to have taken more after Tyler Durden than Sebastian..

It’ll be interesting to see how the story continues after the somewhat “happy ending” of Fight Club. The first of ten issue series is set to be released on May 27, you can check the first six pages here, though it’s probably worth noting that the link is NSFW..

fight club 2

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