Following the news that Minecraft was regularly hitting the 1 million concurrent player milestone, many comparisons included the popular MOBA, DOTA 2, a game which at the time was the only real contender for the “one million players at the same time” trophy. Back then the game was nearing on that target and as of this week, DOTA 2 has finally taken the crown, or at least is the first to wear the crown, of the first game on Steam to have one million players playing at the same time.

It’s fairly surprising that DOTA 2 has taken this long to actually hit the mark considering Steam regularly hits around 7/8 million concurrent players, but alas, now the target has been hit. This weekend DOTA 2 broke the one million concurrent users mark, which means one million people were signed in and playing the game all at once – the first game in Steam history to do so. This is nothing in comparison to League of Legends who, two years ago, had anywhere from 5 – 7.5 million concurrent users, but it’s still a pretty big milestone for Steam, and Valve.

The second most popular game on Steam is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which actually gets just under half of the concurrent users that DOTA 2 receives at around 420,000 concurrent users at peak. So it’s clear that DOTA 2 is a pretty popular Steam title.

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