Ever been caught out in public on a warm day and had a whiff of something unpleasant only to realise you forgot deodorant that same morning? Well, don’t worry because Google has just patented something to solve all of your stinky problems.. sort of..

Google has received a new patent recently for a device that’ll not only ward off body odour but warn you and your smelly pits that friends are nearby so you can avoid any awkward whiffy conversations. It’s essentially a wearable that you wear on your neck or waistline, and it’ll ward of any smells.

The device will fight off body odour by sensing the physical activity of its wearer and then emit a fragrance that’ll counter the odour. It’ll also have tiny fans that’ll also help decrease the odour. The device can also alert you when friends are within proximity so that you can avoid bumping into them and offer alternative directions so you can avoid meeting someone you know. Perfect for those of us who are stinky and socially awkward..

Google actually applied for the patent way back in 2012, but it took until February 10 to grant the Mountain View company the patent. Of course, it’s worth noting that right now, it is just a patent and may never actually become a reality, and even if it does it may be a few years until Google’s anti-smell gadget appears on the shelves.

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