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What with it going the pay-to-play, Elder Scrolls Online is of course implementing a form of currency that you buy to then purchase in-game items. According to a recent blog post from Zenimax, the new currency is called Crowns, with the store being the aptly named Crown Store. ZeniMax claim the store will exist to offer items purely for “customization and convenience”.

As of March 17th, players will be able to use the store to buy such items as mounts, pets, vanity items and potions from the in game store. ZeniMax also mentioned that experience potions will “almost certainly” be coming to the game. Being able to pay to level up your characters, huh? Personally I can’t say I’ll use it or like the idea, but I definitely see the appeal – not everyone has the time to grind a character up to max level, or some people may just want a small exp boost early on to get them started. Using in-game currency rather than Crowns to buy these items is another feature currently in discussion.

From what we’ve been told, I like the idea of Elder Scrolls Online’s Crown Store system mostly because it reminds me of Guild Wars 2’s Gem Store: Simple and useful.

The blog post also announces the game’s loyalty rewards. Players who have subscribed for 9 months between April 2014 and the transition in March will receive the Mask of Cheerful Slaughter, a mask based on the wonderfully deranged Daedric Prince Sheogorath. If you’ve paid for a total of 300 days of Subscription time, you’ll also receive a special Striped Senche mount – basically a giant cat. I wonder how the Khajit feel about this?


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