I wanted to think of a snappy joke for this but I just can’t. That 16-bit Simpsons clip is absolutely fantastic, and it appears Simpsons show runner Al Jean agrees!

Earlier in the week, we wrote about this 16-bit Simpsons intro because, quite frankly, it blew our minds. It’s a pleasant surprise to see that Simpsons creators loved it too, so much so that they’re using it as the opening for tonight’s episode.

The pixellated piece of perfection will serve as the intro to tonight’s episode, airing in the US at  8/7c (about 1AM in the UK!) on Fox. We don’t know if it’ll be the full version, or an edited down version to fit the television run time. I have to admit, it’s really impressive to see a huge show like The Simpsons to be so in tune with their community that they’ve even worked with them to publicise something awesome.

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