Last year Fitbit had to pull it’s Force from the market after users were complaining about skin irritation, but now a number of users have taken to Twitter with complaints of skin irritation after wearing the new Fitbit Surge.

Fitbit have responded by telling those affected by irritation and rashes to keep the device clean and dry and to give their wrists a break from wearing it. So Fitbit’s solution is to just not wear the £200 device? really?

It’s not uncommon to have similar reactions with other wearables, a basic watch can cause a reaction if water is trapped between the skin and the watch and wearing anything too tight can trap unwanted bacteria close to the skin. Although this isn’t the only factor it may be that users are reacting to something particular in the Surge.

Personally I would just take the opportunity to claim I am allergic to exercise and proceed to curl up in front of Netflix with a ‘share’ size bag of popcorn.

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