Last week, Sony Online Entertainment broke away from Sony and thus renamed themselves Daybreak Game Studio, and while there were announcements stating things would remain unchanged, a lot was happening behind closed doors. Earlier this week Daybreak announced that they were in fact letting staff go in both their San Diego and Austin offices.

In a statement, Daybreak Games Studio said: “As part of a strategic decision to rationalize the business, Daybreak Game Company announced today that it will eliminate positions in both its San Diego and Austin studios.

“This alignment of resources better positions the newly independent studio for future growth opportunities and developments, including delivering on its legacy of making top online games and establishing a solid foundation for future multi-platform success.

“These reductions will not affect the operation of current games and the company will continue on its mission to partner with its player community to drive the future and push the boundaries of online gaming.”

Though details of who exactly has been let go haven’t been released, one confirmed position is that of David Georgeson who was the director of development on the EverQuest franchise. Speaking of which, since its announcement 2 years ago, we’ve heard little about the development of Everquest Next, instead focus seems to be shifted onto Everquest Landmark, a free-to-play spinoff that lets you design buildings. Here’s hoping these lay offs don’t effect development of Everquest Next.

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