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Google fans, grab your Android smartphone, open your Chromebook, and head to Google Calendar as there’s a date for you to slap in there. That date is for Google I/O this year, which Google has announced will be taking place on May 28 – 29 this year. Registration for the event, for those who’d rather be there in person, will be opening at 9 am on March 17, and it’ll also be live-streamed for those who can’t get to San Francisco.

Last year’s I/O event focused on Android everywhere, with Android Auto being introduced, more talk about Android Wear, Android TV was also unveiled, and of course, Android Lollipop was also a big part of the event too. This year it’s likely we’ll see more wearables, more talk on Android Auto, and if rumours are to be believed, a new Chromebook Pixel could also be unveiled. The website currently reflects Android Lollipop’s Material Design, but no schedule has been posted yet.

There’s also a nifty Chrome experiment on the website too where users can click a settings button that’ll give access to a page that lets them create music by connecting dots with a virtual string, with the mouse pointer acting as a plectrum to strum the strings. Whether this is a hint for things to come, perhaps Android Music? Or a focus on Google Play’s music library, or talk on YouTube Music Key which is currently in Beta.

I’m looking forward to this event.

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