Jurassic World could be a movie in which everyone is happy, has a good time, checks out some cool dinosaurs, and goes home. But honestly, where’s the fun in that? This weekend, if you didn’t know by all of the Twitter posts and what not, the Super Bowl happened, and during which there’s some pretty neat ads. One of those ads was this above, for the new Jurassic World movie landing in June, which features some brand new footage.

“You’ve created a new dinosaur? That’s probably not a good idea.” says Chris Pratt’s character in the movie and that one line could never be more truer. Why couldn’t they make a new dinosaur like a Diplodocus? Y’know, a nice, friendly herbivore. Nah, let’s create a beast of a dino, bigger than any dino ever, and let it loose in a theme park built on an island. GREAT IDEA SCIENTIST LADY.

Anyway, as you’d expect, things don’t go to plan and Chris Pratt comes to the rescue. Not before some poor extras are gobbled up by the new beastly dinosaur though. Oh, and I’ll say it again, I knew those silly motorised balls would be taken down by a dino, I called it before the first trailer was released!

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